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Style Changing

Embrace the sharpness of the Style changing Haircut services: Precision meets edgy sophistication.

  • 45 min
  • 900 Indian rupees
  • Calicut|Angamali|Thrissur|Guruvayur|Kochi

Service Description

"Experience the Edge of Style with Style Changing Services at Lyra Beauty Salon Step into a realm of bold fashion and precision with Razor Hair Cut services at Lyra Beauty Salon. Our expert stylists specialize in crafting edgy and distinctive haircuts using the precision of a razor blade. Razor haircuts offer a unique and textured appearance that sets you apart from the crowd. Unlike traditional scissor cuts, razor haircuts create a more organic and textured finish. The razor's fine edge allows our skilled stylists to sculpt your hair with intricate detail, adding movement and dimension to each strand. Whether you desire a dramatic transformation or a subtle update, razor haircuts can cater to a wide range of styles. At Lyra Beauty Salon, your hair journey begins with a personalized consultation. Our experienced stylists take the time to understand your preferences, hair type, and lifestyle. We collaborate with you to design a razor haircut that suits your individuality and enhances your natural features. During your Razor haircut experience, you'll feel the careful precision of our stylists as they sculpt your hair with the razor blade. The result is a haircut that not only looks stunning but also feels lightweight and effortlessly stylish. Razor haircuts work well with various hair lengths and textures, making them a versatile choice for those seeking an unconventional yet fashionable look. As you step out of Lyra Beauty Salon after a razor haircut services, you'll embrace a new sense of confidence and attitude. The texture and movement achieved with the razor create a hairstyle that's dynamic and visually striking. With razor haircuts, you can embrace the bold and the beautiful, allowing your hair to express your distinct personality. Unleash your inner trendsetter with Razor Hair Cut services at Lyra Beauty Salon. Our commitment to innovation and creativity ensures that your haircut is an artful masterpiece, tailored to your unique style. Experience the cutting-edge allure of razor haircuts and redefine your look with Lyra Beauty Salon."

Contact Details

  • Calicut

    LYRA Salon, Wayanad Road, above Reliance Digital, East Nadakkave, Nadakkave, Kozhikode, Kerala, India


  • Angamali

    LYRA Salon, Aluva Road, beside Chungath Jewellery, Angamaly, Kerala, India


  • Thrissur

    LYRA Salon, East Fort Junction, next to Seemas wedding collection, Kizhakkumpattukara, Thrissur, Kerala, India


  • Guruvayur

    LYRA Salon, Temple, Thiruvenkidom, Guruvayur, Kerala, India


  • Kochi

    LYRA Salon, National Highway- 47, Anjumuri, Ponnurunni, Vyttila, Kochi, Kerala, India


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